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Spraying Gas?!

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I tried searching for the answer to this, but I've had no luck. I tried starting my truck today, and it wouldn't start. So I opened the hood, and noticed gasoline sprayed around the passenger side firewall area. I'm at work right now, so i havn't had a chance to really check it out. Does anyone have any clue what could be going on? If any of you have seen my build thread, you probably read that the PO put gasoline in the master cylinder. So I'm terrified about what else he did.  

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Unless you have a hole or damage in one of your fuel lines - check your fuel line connections.  They should be the quick-connecters.  All that's holding the fuel back is two O-rings and a spacer.  The o-rings do get old.  The O-rings are supposed to be changed every time the line is removed.   


https://www.summitracing.com/parts/cwa-83504447/overview/make/jeep   $9 plus shipping, you'll get it in ~ 3days


This is the part you need, one for each fuel line...OR...you could go to your local hardware store and match up the O-rings (they're 5/16 ID) but the thickness of the o-ring is important so take the o-ring with you....but SAVE THAT SPACER.  The spacer is either black, like the picture or whitish (in between the two green O-rings in the picture).  If you disconnect the fuel line and the plastic clip is OK you can re-use it...if not, buy the part.  They sell clips (5/16") in the HELP section of most auto parts stores...but I've found those to be inferior, they don't "grab" as well.


Disclaimer:  Oh, and just in case you didn't already know this...do not drive the truck until it's fixed, not even to the store, will result in KA-BOOM and serious injury, death or loss of truck.


P.S. in the picture, the white part is just packaging, the clip and 2 O-rings and plastic spacer are the working part

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