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Hello club,


Prospecting a 87 4cyl standard mj that's priced right and in good shape,also a friend of mine has a really nice 01 xj4.0 auto with low miles and a damaged rear end, but everything is in good shape to swap over to the mj, i was wondering if theres any problems or thing to know when swapping everything from an xj to an mj i plan on taking everything including motor,axles,drivetrain, front end body swap,full interior, ecu wiring ect. Just looking for some tips before i make the purchases.

Thanks anyone willing to give me some imput

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If the 4-cyl is 4x4, it'll have 4.10 gears, meaning you'll want to keep the axles in there. The D35 will still hold up to street use behind a 4.0 unless you seriously abuse it, mine has over 300,000 miles on it.

The 2001 xj's also will have a low-pinion d30 in the front instead of the earlier high-pinion. One other thing that you may discover is that the later head castings don't always hold up so well, so that's something to look into. As a result not everyone will advise swapping in an '01 4.0, but it's been done without issue many times.

I say go for it. :dunno:

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