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S10 Blazer rear cargo lights, b pillar Comanche retrofit in Missouri


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There is a thread here on CC about using these lights.  I picked up 5 at the local PnP last year.  Finally got around to installing them.  I had to remove the b pillars (not a quick job) and enlarge the mounting holes slightly with a dremel (about 1/8" longer, 1/16" wider).  Then I cut off the old connector and soldered/heatshrinked the new connectors on.  Pictures show the finished product.  I think they look as good as factory, but that's subjective I guess.


The lights have a rocker switch so the lights can come on with the doors or be turned on at the light.  Turning on one switch turns on both lights.  I guess this is how the factory ones work, but that function never worked on mine.


The only thing I would like to do is someday paint the black portion of the housing to match my maroon interior, and mask off the rocker switch so the rocker stays black.







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I know this isn't the DIY area, but I thought I'd post some pics of my latest work.  I bought a can of SEM Color Coat in burgundy (#15063).  If you haven't used it, this stuff is incredible for painting interior plastics.  I used it to repaint the interior in my 79 Blazer (camel).  I painted half the console and the color match was so close the only way I could tell the difference is one side had no chips!


Anyway, I painted up my S10 Blazer replacement b-pillar lights.  I masked off the rocker switch so it remained black.  I think the color is ever so slightly to red, but not enough to notice.


This is not a low-buck mod, the paint was $15 from Amazon!



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