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8.8 diff cover thread replacement

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So a while ago I stripped the highest bolt on the diff so I drilled out the hole and tap in a bigger bolt. Well this weekend I didn't like how it looked becuase it was kind of crooked and looked like it didn't go all the way in. so I drilled the hole a little deeper and put new threads in. Well the tap snapped off it there. I've tapped many things before and never had a problem like that. After countless runs to the hardware store, I ended up having to blow it out with the acetylene torch. The whole was then messy from the torch so I heated the housing up to 400 degrees and welded up

The hole. Then I started to drill a new hole but my bits wouldn't have it. I then called the shop and they said that it's too hard to drill and they can't do It. What should I do? The guys at the

hardware store thought it'd be ok to do that. Should I just load a lot of rtv in there? Thanks and it seems like I'm always making retarded mistakes

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if it was me, I'd put the cover on as normal and see what happens sans bolt.  being the highest bolt, it might not leak at all :D


that's what I did till I got un-lazy enough to put one in. except mine was closer to the 10-o-clock position

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