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Started my MJ after 2 years of it being parked and it's Red lining as soon as it starts Help Please

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Hi Guys So I'm so close of having Jessica back up and running again, and now that everything is connected and good to go, I started her and it's Reved up like a mofo (actually Redlining) and I have to kill the engine right away because I don't even have my foot on the pedal, and I'm afraid to mess up anything inside the engine. Now What I changed from when I parked it 2 years ago is pretty much everything in the Engine compartment, since the PO swapped the Original engine for a HO of an 06 TJ, but kept all the old Renix stuff like closed cooling system, intake manifold, throttle body... So I swapped all of the old stuff for new stuff. A 92 HO Intake Manifold, a brand new Jeepers and Creepers 62mm Throttle body, with its Spacer, a Banks Header System, Homemade TPS sensor adapter, Open Cooling System.. etc. 


So I already checked the obvious, which was checking sensors, and Vacuum leaks, and nothing popped out. Now on the new headers it didn't come with a bung for the 02 sensor, but for what I've read it's not completely necessary, so that is not connected. Also I'm not sure if I re-connected the EGR valve, and to be honest I'm lost on what the EGR valve does, and if it has anything to do with the problem I have..  I suspect by what I've experienced before, that it's sucking air from somewhere else, but where could it be going in from, it has new gaskets everywhere around the intake manifold and accessories, and also I used plumbers tape on every fitting that threads onto the intake manifold.


Anyways guys any Help will be greatly appreciated since I haven't slept well for a couple of Days now, thinking of what could be causing this problem. For pics on what I did you can go check out my thread Thanks Again 

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just spitballin' here, but in my head the only way to rev that high that fast is for gobs and gobs of air to get into the engine.  so either there is a massive vacuum leak or the throttle body is stuck open.  :dunno:


which computer system are you using?  HO or Renix?

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Hi Guys I was stupidly over reacting, and forgot that when I installed the new headers, and intake manifold I left like 4 of the bolts on the bottom loose since it was a long day, and the bolts were hard to reach.. I knew it was going to be something simple, but not that simply stupid  :doh:  But hey, at least now I know, to always double Triple Check everything. So I tightened up the bolts, and she's now purrring like a kitty cat!  :banana:   can't wait to actually go drive it! I'll post an update tomorrow on how I ended up connecting the E-Fans, and did the whole setup. 


Like I Said Thanks Again for all the Help and I'm glad it was something as simple as that!!!  :bowdown:


PS: Even though I feel like a stupid inexperienced dumbass...  :dunce:  I'm still gonna leave this here, as I know it'll help someone that forgot to triple check their work hehehe


IF you have perseverance the reward will be a lot more satisfying!  And don't rush into things! 

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