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Semi–noob here. So I have a couple of questions? I have a 1990 Comanche base and a 1988 comanche base. Both have the 2.5L with a AX–5 tranny. From my understanding the MJ is the trucks and the XJ is the Cherokee or Wrangler, is that correct? And if I want to do a simple bolt on 2wd–4wd swap I have to keep the donor being a 2.5L with a AX–4. What years and models should I be looking for exactly for the easiest conversions?

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MJ = Comanche 86 to 92

XJ = Cherokee 84 to 01

YJ = Wrangler 87 to 95


The MJ and XJ are ALMOST identical from the front seats forward. The 4wd parts from any comparably equipped MJ/XJ will bolt right in. The front drive shaft is the same. The rear DS is longer for the MJ, whether it's SWB or LWB.


I believe there are differences with the YJ setup but I am not sure of them.

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Gotcha! I noticed slot of the newer Cherokees such as the Laredos are V–6. How would this play in to the transmission swaps?

The V6 2.8 was in early XJ and MJ - 84-86. The I6 4.0 was used from 87-06 in jeeps. After 06, jeep installed V6 3.8.


The XJ ended in 01. The Grand Cherokee (ZJ & WJ) started in 93. The WJ would have the V6.


If you found an early XJ with a V6 2.8 just RUN AWAY!


I don't think the bolt patterns for V6s mate up with the 4.0 matched trans.

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You could also just piece together the parts needed. That might be a little cheaper for you then buying a donor vehicle. Just make sure the front axle has the same gears as your rear. The AX4 transmission is a 4 speed, I would recommend staying with a AX5 which did come in the 2.5 and 2.8 Cherokees and Comanches. 

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