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help transmssion change finish can't start

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Hello, to all you Comanche enthusiast, like my self finish a 4.0 motor and AX15 5-speed transmission from a 1996 Cherokee change over the winter. Into my 1989 Comanche 4.0 motor and Peugeot 5- speed. My problem is I didn't change the flywheel from the 5- speed Peugeot . The harness from the 1989 Comanche has a two wire set up for the crankshaft position sensor. The AX15 5- speed has a three wire set up . do I need to change the flywheel? from the 5-speed Peugeot for it to work? I try with the old crankshaft sensor. It was beat up. If I get a new one will it work with the new AX15 5-speed flywheel? I am stumped, would like any advice to help out . Thanks to all

Bee110 akk (Brian)

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