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high beam help

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Noticed the other day. High beams work but indicator does not. Swapped bulb with the turn signal indicator buld (which I confirmed worked) and turn indicator still worked but high beam still didn't. How does the high beam indicator get its power?

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all I know about the high-beams is they are controlled by a long bar that runs from the indicator switch, down the column to the real switch, and that the rod can easily not be in proper alignment. 

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The high beams themselves work! Just not the indicator. So I don't think its any activation rod or anything. Thanks a-man. I'll try and see if I get anything


Did you ever figure this one out? I have the exact issue on my '90. From what the FSM shows, I'd say what A-man930 mentioned is the right path to be on, just too cold up here to be poking about right now.

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