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I was given a straight 50" LED Light Bar the other day. How are you mounting these light bars?  I have found countless mounting brackets for the curved bars but only very few for the straight ones.


I have been pondering getting the Rain gutter mounts but I'm not sure they will work with out the clip on gutter...  I have the clip on gutters (several actually) but i can't get the drivers side back on.


pictures and or links to what you used would be great!



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I have seen those, but am awaiting a reply to from them to see if it will work without the clip on gutter section.  mine are no longer on my MJ. 


other gutter brackets are: 


Farmer Johnson Off Road $65


JRC Off Road $99


and there is an A Pillar mount:


OMC Off Road $125


$100+ just for brackets seems a bit much for me....  but i guess my options are limited...


For a little more i could get the Hooligan 50" light bar and 2 pod light mount for $150

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I received a reply today about the gutter mount brackets,

I do not believe that it will work without the outer piece on the rain gutter. We do offer an A pillar mount. It can hold a 50" light bar and 2 pods. Check it out here, http://hooliganoffroad.com/products/xj-a-pillar-50-light-bar-and-2-pod-mount. Thanks for your interest and let us know if we can answer any other questions for you.


So that confirms my thoughts about the gutter brackets without the outer trim pice. Looks like I will be getting the a pillar mount in the nearish future.

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