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4wd conversion

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Will a 2002 wrangler drivetrain (nv3550 & np231) bolt to a 1989 comanche? Both are 4.0l's. (Converting 89 to 4wd) I have a 2002 donor wrangler so i have access to all parts (axle, driveshafts, bellhousing, etc.) 


I tried searching but get confused with all the different years that will and won't work, or what i need for certain years..




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Crankshaft Posidtion sensor.

The pilot bearing in the end of the crank will be the wrong size.

1992 and up has a larger pilot shaft.

If he is using the engine and trans from the Wrangler, the pilot bearing will be correct, since they work together now.


The crank sensor will be incorrect, as will the flywheel.   I did more or less the same swap, (HO motor and trans into a Renix Jeep)  You need the Renix flywheel and crank sensor installed for it to function correctly, assuming you are keep the wiring and computer from the 1988.


If you are swapping the wiring and computer as well, then you can just use everything as it came out of the 2002.

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Well ive done some research and I think I found what I need locally. 1990's xj AX-15 (smaller input shaft) with the np231 and a hp30. I think I'm going to stick with the internal slave for now to get me through winter, and then switch the bellhousing to accommodate an external. Glad I found this because it should be a basic swap plug and play. Sound about right?

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As long as it's a 90 you should be able to plug and play.  If it's a 91+ they use different electronics on them, so it could be a little more involved.


You'd still need the flywheel and crank sensor from the 87-90 vintage, but the rest would work, I was able to adapt the Renix (87-90) throttle position sensor to work with the HO (91+) thorttle body. 


Mine has a 95 4.0, 98 AX15, 90 NP231 with 99 Axles, using the stock wiring harness.

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Just put the whole drivetrain in the MJ



That's what he is asking, it won't work if he swaps the whole drivetrain in.  It needs to have the parts that work with his year electronics.  Unless he is swapping harnesses too.

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