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NP207 Front Output Shaft Yoke Nut

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Can anybody confirm that the NP207 an the NP231 share the same size yoke nut for the front output? I cannot find a yoke nut listed for the 207 anywhere. I need to replace the output shaft seal and have found information stating the yoke nut should not be reused. It does not specify the size or part number of the yoke nut. I speculate the 207 and 231 share the same yoke nut as they share the same seal and the yokes will interchange. Or, can the yoke nut be reused with loc-tite?

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Thanks. I won't worry about locating a new yoke nut.


You silicone the spline anyway and the silicone will ooze out around the back the nut and once it sets up.......ain't going anywhere anyway.

Admittedly I've never done this work before, but I am a bit confused about the silicone on the splines. I assume it is there to create an oil seal between the yoke and output shaft. I did not see any mention of that in the FSM. Granted I may have missed it. 

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