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Internal slave problems????

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What's up guys

I've been hearing a metal scraping noise similar to an exhaust noise but with metal....

At first I thought it was either trans/transfer case/rear diff/engine low or out of fluids...

Checked those and all full....


Next, since it only happens within 1,2,3 gears I decided to put the trans(ax5) in neutral and rev the engine while coasting and no scraping noise...it only happens when the truck is in gear....but only after about 2-3 seconds then goes away until I press in the clutch and put it into the next gear


Could this be a factor of the internal slave going out?

And that since it's not fully extending/releasing the clutch plate to grab the flex plate and just scraping it? Until it fully grabs?


Please any info is helpful....

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I've had throw out bearings make noises for years without a problem going into gear. It could also be a syncro going out. Check the fluid and make sure it is clean and the correct type.


Been in the mud lately? I've seen mud get in the bell housing and make things chatter and whatnot.

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Just because a throw out bearing makes a noise doesn't mean that it can't still do it's job.

Some of them can last a long time until the bearing totally fails.

On that internal slave system the bearing can get hot enough to harm the plastic slave cylinder.


Does the noise happen when you are shifting gears with the clutch pedal depressed?

Or is it a constant noise.



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It only happens when I let go of the clutch pedal....but only for about 2-3 seconds then stops....it doesn't grind going into gear...so I know my synchros are in good shape...

Shelby- I check fluid in trans(full,clean) put in 10w-40 oil back in January , transfer case(full/clean) , rear diff(full/mucky) but changed out that fluid Friday night and still same symptoms....

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I have been in mud but not deep enough to the transmission but I could be wrong....

I wouldn't doubt that the slave could be slowly going out....

I live in miami and the heat is also high here and the humidity is crazy....

I daily drive this truck and when I leave work it's the hottest time of the day and with stop and go traffic....

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