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Anyone into Pedal Cars?


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Was searching for a replacement trailer wheel for my car hauler and this popped up in the search.


Original owner.  Bought new in 1967 for his twin daughters who used it to haul their dolls and teddy bears up and down the street.  Lasted about a year and they lost interest.  Up into the attic it went........ until today.  :D


Stupid cheap too.  Well, the guy knew what he had "I watch American Pickers and Pawn Stars.... don't low ball me".... LOL.  But I got a real good deal.


I'd never seen trailers for these.  This Uhaul trailer is BUILT too...... twice as heavy as the car! 


They're both just in incredible shape.  





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This is the pedal car I grew up with.  My grandpa bought it for us grand kids to play with when we'd visit.  Lots of memories.  When I was in my late 20's, I asked if he'd kept it somewhere.  He said he thought he sold it when they had a garage sale years back.  When he passed, I went to help my dad and grandma go through things and come get the '46 Oldsmobile he'd left to me.  My grandparents had a 6-unit apartment building with a 6-car garage behind it where he kept his car collection.  When I went to get the Olds, I saw the pedal car stashed up in the rafters!  It's now hanging in my basement "man cave" area.



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