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WJ booster upgrade done, questons

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Worked on son's MJ (Donkey) Saturday. Replaced rear drum shoes, (he found out just how fun drum shoes can be) drivers front caliper and rotor, caliper was non-functional. We also did the booster upgrade since we had it (picked it up same time we got the full gauge cluster and the 99 Cherokee doors) and needed to bleed the system anyway.


So, I think I took too much off the booster brake rod, (brake lights never com on) so the fix is put  part of a cotter pin between the switch and rod? 

Also, we bleed the system, even to the rears, old brown fluid gave way to nice clean new fluid. Truck stops much better now, not as much effort, but now, brakes are "spongy", air in the system? more bleeding needed?


thanks for thoughts, next project, find a 3.4 V6 to replace the 2.8L or, do I sell him my 4.7 stroker set up with the T176 4 speed and NP 208 xfr case? (built it to go into my 83 SJ Cherokee)

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Three reasons for soft pedal-


Leak at hard line connections......you may think not but wash distribution block...dry......check again.


Air in line........I bled mine 3 times to get air out.


Brake hose- soft line- is expanding and weak due to age.  You are applying additional pressure now with new booster and that pressure has to go somewhere.




I would look to something else as a shim.......brass flat stock....will not take as much thickness as you think.

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Jeep Driver, cleaned the prop valve and do have a small leak, as far as the lines, that are all the extended braded ones, well at least from the calipers and drums to the hard line.


Cruiser54, we get power because when we swivel the switch up, the brake lights do come on. Also when we push the peddle, I see the switch move, maybe not enough. Son tried to put a shim in, I think maybe he made it too thick, he said it didn't fit.


Eagle, did not know there was a special procedure, where can I find that, son has not picked up a service manual yet. We got some for s-10s because of the engine, but those came with the jeep.

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finely got the brake lights working, switch rotated 180, and a small piece of plastic smashed in a vise and wedged between switch and rod, actually my son figured it out, its his Jeep anyway, he was real happy for that simple repair. I like it because he is getting a taste for more repair/mods/upgrades.

Once we figure out the steering colum or replace it, tracing down the heating, cooling, and blower controls are next. Then the 99 doors and or find a 3.4 camaro v6.  

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