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Score at Draw-Tite trailer hitch

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Although I am a lurker on this website, I just had to express my luck after a 18 month search for a trailer hitch. Oh I have seen plenty of Cherokee hitches but to get a MJ with a trailer hitch is something else. I had to sit in six inches of water (MJ at pick-your-own junkyard) had placed the MJ at the end of the row in a mud hole. So, I figured out how to pile rear seats out of other cars into the water hole and work under the truck until I removed the trailer hitch. Well, it is now on my MJ. Almost no rust and I got everything, bolts, spacers, hitch and receiver for a whopping $21.00 and 3 hours of work. SCORE!!


Now does anybody have a quick solution to hook up a 4 plug tow harness?



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Congratulations on the hitch!!!!


I know how you feel, to search and search and wait and finally find what you are looking for.



Good write up above on wiring.



Do yourself a favor and go 7pin the first time around, I'm on my 4th and last flat plug.


I also have a wench on my trailer that I will wire into the 7pin and I will also add brakes in the future.

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Yes, do the 7 pin plug the very first time around and be done with it.  Then just buy a 7 pin to 4 pin flat adapter for $12/15.  Toss the 7/4 adapter in the glove box so you can find it when you need it.


Another tip is to get the factory 7 pin harness from one of those Cherokees you keep seeing in the yards.  Use that and you have good factory crimps in the female end of the plug.  You might also want to figure out how to use the Mopar bracket welded to the Cherokee hitch that holds the 7 pin connector in place.  Take it off the Cherokee hitch and have it welded on to your new MJ hitch.   That is something I need to do for my MJ hitch.

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I used this as a way to have both 4 flat and 7pin electrical hookups neatly and without needing an adapter.



Nice find!  Now, how to keep the plug fixed to the hitch without using cable ties or something like that?

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My draw tite that came on my truck, yes I had a hitch but the truck had not been wired for it, had a flat plate of 1/8" or maybe 16ga steel factory welded by draw tite just to left of the receiver tube when looking from the rear. It was already perfectly shaped to fit the piece through and it had 4 pre drilled holes for bolts. The adapter only properly lined up with two of the four bolt holes so I made due with those two and just used some small machine screws that came with the adapter.

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