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1989 Comanche 87k miles. New still in the wrapper $7500 in AL


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This truck looks new.
4.0 6 cylinder
5 speed
A/c blows freezing cold.
New tires, has jeep wheels
Bed liner.
Posting on here because I know y'all will appreciate it.
$7500 is what I will sell it for.

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This is just my opinion for whatever that's worth. These trucks and those interested in them are subjective. 


The link below lists a range of Low Retail @ $2500, Average Retail @ $5700 and High Retail @ $8300. 




I think people would stand in line to buy your truck at $2500, but you can buy A LOT of Comanche for $8300.  


You have a nice, clean, 2wd Comanche with A/C.   For me that starts and finishes well, but I wouldn't buy (another) 2wd Jeep,

and I'd never buy a red one.  Someone will though. 


You might sell it if you pick a number between Low and Average and be prepared to negotiate.


Just my two bits.  Good luck with the sale!

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what badging is he missing? My '89 doesn't have anything he's missing except for my Pioneer stripes.



good to know. I guess I need something on my tailgate. I just spent 5 minutes on google images. Do I need 'Comanche' and '4.0 Liter'? Should there be anything else on a tailgate for a 4WD?

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Those NADA Guides are also geared toward dealers, not private party sellers. So, the prices reflected are are a little higher than what one may often find from a private sale. It's a nice clean truck and like the others I think somewhere in the $2000-$4000 is a more appropriate neighborhood.


Also, even though it looks virtually new, what do the floor pans look like? They tend to go, even when the rest of the exterior is showroom new. 



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Long time reader 1st time poster. I'm from the area and i'm pretty sure i've seen this for sale before about 2-3 years ago.  It was at a dealership in front of the honda shop on the bypass.  At the time, they were asking around 5,500. It was freshly painted red like this one, 2WD, had similar wheels, and had line-x in the bed and on the side vents.  It also had the grey interior with mileage somewhere in the 80K range like this one. It seemed like it never sold even at that price.  Can't be for sure that this is that truck, but given their rarity here and it's condition I put the odds at 90% or better. I took a look around it then and what stuck me the most was that the interior was just decent, had line-x in the bed on the side vents and fender flares, and was missing decals and badging.  I wanted it then, but not for that price.

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