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Adjustable Renix Fuel Pressure Regulator Done Right.

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I have come up with a new way of doing an adjustable fuel pressure regulator on a Renix fuel rail. I was looking through a Summit Catalog and saw something that looked like it should fit the Renix rail and with some modification of the rail fitting and fabrication of a mounting bracket I have been running this for several months.




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I'll try to do a write up with part numbers but we are going to Charleston next week for some fishing. It took cutting down the rail fitting and fabricating a mount. The first mount was 16 ga aluminum but I am making a stronger one out of stainless. The Aeromotive FPR was around $120 and the rail fitting was around $20. I upgraded my return line to -an braided flex but I think the original hard line can be made to work. I intend to adapt the rail to a 99+ intake for my stroker as the late model rails have hot soak fuel issues. The Renix rail flows fuel through it and this cools it down. It cost me more to do this than Hesco's but it is of much higher quality and adds 50 HP in bling factor alone.

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