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Temperature Sensor Question For 2.5L

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Where is the temperature sensor located on the 2.5L?  It isn't in the front connected to the thermostat housing/water outlet is it??

  I am asking this because I am in a predicament. I had to replace my thermostat housing because while changing my thermostat, I tightened the bolts on it but the thermostat slipped and the pressure of the screw cracked at one of the bolt locations.  Any ways, I order one for my exact year and engine thinking itd be exact but theres an extra hole in it for the temperature sensor like in other engines.  I don't believe I had one there before.  What should I do?  Should I just buy a sensor to just plug up the hole even though the sensor won't be used?

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If it looks like this it would have come with a plug in it, the plug is a fine thread.


I drilled and tapped mine to 3/8 NPT to accept a switch. I do not remember what the thread is......you might have a hard time finding the plug.




Temp sender is on the top of the head to the back on the drivers side, single wire going to it.

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The housing you got is probably for a 4.0 HO. They are basically the same thing, just has an extra hole tapped in it.


I would plug the hole with a brass plug from the hardware store or the autoparts store and be done with it.

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after looking it up.  i found that the size is 1/8 - 27 thread   sound about right?  found it off of here listed the size for the temperature sensor http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=44888&cc=1181584

That is not the size of the plug, that is the temp sender in the head.


Plug is 3/8 but not NPT.


Post a pic of it.

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