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Amc Intake For Gm Tuned Port Injection


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I am currently modeling up an intake manifold that will bolt on an AMC and accept GM TPI runners, plenum, and injectors. I will have the engineering on the manifold complete in about 3 weeks and the SolidWorks model will go out for quote.  

I realize the AMC engine does not lend itself well to the MJ, XJ platform but many of us have others Rigs that would accept this.


I'm looking for some feed back to determine how much interest there is in this intake.  I currently have no idea on cost ...... an expression of interest is not a commitment to buy, but it does give me some idea of what to tell the casting house and machine shop for quantity as there is always a discount for quantity.  


As I said earlier, once I have the model complete I will take it to casting houses/machine shops and, with the results of your interest, be able to have an estimated cost per manifold for those interested.


GM's TPI set-up has HUGE aftermarket support, wouldnt it be great to bolt on a TPI set-up that has that much support, millions of dollars of factory engineering and years of proven performance?


any questions feel free to contact Craig at gr8advent@yahoo.com

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I think he's talking about adapting the GM 305&350 TPI upper manifold & runners to a custom lower intake that fits AMC V8's.


Doesn't the TPI setup also control the distributor & timing?

I'm sure many would be interested in it,the only negative for  me would be that the TPI upper is a GM icon, not sure how I'd like Chevy-izing the top of my AMC.

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I hope that market research is complete enough to do an effective analysis. IMHO to an AMC collectible purist this modification would be the same as a full-on swap and might limit the market to those buyers. There are fewer and fewer performance AMC enthusiasts out there as frankly there weren't that many to begin with compared to the Big Three. I have owned 7 AMC V8s. They are not a very modern design. The biggest, the 401, falls well short of the benchmark set by the other large displacement V8's of the era and are fairly expensive to build when compared to most of them. A full drive train swap might be easier and maybe cheaper, especially for jeepers, when you consider the other advantages of moving up to a 20th century powerplant.

I hope you discover that there is a big enough market and this is success. It would be awesome for those who would use it. 

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