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4.56 gears w. 35" tires will put you @ approx. 2134 RPMs @ 65 MPH. That's pretty close to factory gearing:


3.55 gears w. 28" tires = 2,076 RPM @ 65 MPH.


With 35's you could even go to a 4.88 ratio (2,284 RPM @ 65 MPH). Depends on where you drive most regularly, street or off-road. .

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4.56 is what i ran on my 88 xj with 35s. adams driveshaft and offroad was the best price i could find when i ordered my gears. but i ordered lockers and carriers and covers. they made me a package deal. if you plan to go bigger i would get 4.88s 

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I would not run 4.88s in a Dana 30. The pinion is so freakishly small it would create a weak link. There's a reason Dana never made a 4.88 gear set for it.


I've seen two 4.56 and two 4.88s in a 30 all bust the ring gear and the pinion was fine. Ill agree it is freak like small but it will still stand up to some punishment..... For awhile at least lol

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