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97+'ers, Help Me Remember.....

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For those who have done the 97+ conversion, these questions are for you. It has been a LONG time (about 3 years) since I tore down the donor XJ and am having some memory issues.....


Is there a gasket that fits between the brake pedal bracket and firewall where the booster bolts come into the cab?


I am working on getting my truck put together and can't quite remember if there is a gasket or if the pedal bracket contacts the firewall. 

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Thanks  :thumbsup:


I do have a white foam gasket that fits between the firewall and the booster. It just been so long since I took the XJ apart that I couldn't recall if there was as gasket on the inside and my record pictures were no help. Sounds like I haven't misplaced anything...yet  :rotfl2:

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Question number 2:


In the below photo you will notice the front two plugs on the PCM are empty. I am trying to recall what piece, or pieces, of harness plug into these empty spots. Are both plugs for these empty spots part of the engine block harness? Since my engine and engine harness are a 40 minute drive from my house, I am unable to simply, 'take a peak'. Any my curiosity is driving me nuts  :dunno:



Thanks again :)

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