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Death Blow To An Era

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We at the Midtown wish to thank all of our loyal and dedicated customers that have supported us this year.  We are closed for the 2013 season. 

Due to the movie industry's decision to quit making 35 MM film after 2013, the Midtown Drive-In will close as a Theatre.

If there is a few movie companies that by chance change there policy and do continue to distribute movies on film then we may can run a limited schedule in 2014.  We will keep the web-site up until that time to see what our fate may be.

Thanks to our many loyal customers for sharing the great time we had.                      

Doug Freeman/Owner 




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Our local drive in was one of the lucky ones that partook in the Honda Drive in contest awarding Digital Projectors to the winners.




Our drive in is the McHenry Drive in, in McHenry, IL. Scott Dehn is the owner. I was ecstatic to see that we won the opportunity to save a local icon.



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Wow - thanks for posting.


I saw the writing on the wall back in 2000 when I consulted briefly in the film industry. After a private screening at Warner Bros. of a film I was working on, our small group was asked to leave so preparations could be made for the demo of a new Sony video projector. I stuck around and chatted with the techs who were setting up... and from what I heard from them and saw of that first-generation projector, I knew the days of film were numbered. That caused me to drop my foray into the film industry after only 6 months.


I never considered the implications for drive-in theaters until you started this thread. Thanks again for making me aware.

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We (Lynn Auto Theatre, Stasburg, OH) signed our life away to finance a digital projector with a 10 year loan. Don't know yet how we will make the payments in the off season when we are closed.


But we couldn't just close the second oldest drive in left in the world.


8 screen theater in the local mall shut its doors, but the upside is that the old 2 screen theater from before the mall that had been showing second run movies for the past decade is showing new movies again. And maybe with the mall one closed we will get more business next season.

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