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'89 Eliminator

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I got my Eliminator 3 weeks ago. I laways wanted one and the opportunity knock and I answered. I own a '00 XJ stock with 251K miles (only owner). The Eliminator has 73K and is stock and I bought it from a coworker who had it for about a year. So far the only thing that is inoperable are the driving lights. It also needs tires and shocks. The shocks are still the original ones.

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:ack: At the beginning all project are hard but now you have the main element to start with a Comanche Eliminator with only 73 miles and stock truck. Planified all repairs use a Budget Plan. Make a estimated for all that you like to repair, make step by step paying total cost of the step. I do in this form and let me tell you when I started my 1990 Comanche have 136,895 miles and never look back to make my dream in real paying cost step by step. You have a great advantage because you know where come from  this truck .

Good luck and please post photos of the truck .

Remember it is hard to find a solid Comanche with low millage.   :cheers:   

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I was browsing the blog and found how to post pics. I will work on that today.


Yesterday I installed the shocks, steering damper and 4 tires. I like my Comanche even more it is a smoother ride and it got a little raise compared to how it was.


Also I fixed the interior lights on, the clips where broken.  For $0.65 I found some clips, at the paint shop, that made the trick. The are in place. 

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