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Anyone Ever Buy From Here: Am-Autoparts.com?

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Has anyone ever bought parts from here before? www.am-autoparts.com


I found them while looking for a turn signal lever for my MJ.  This is the part I found http://www.am-autoparts.com/1987/Jeep/Comanche/cruise-control-switches-and-levers/AM-42770069/486048.html


The paddle that activates the washer broke.  The plastic casing just spins around.  It wouldn't be a problem on dry roads.  But with melting snow and road salts, it makes seeing a problem.


I found similar items at Morris and Teamcherokee for $75 to $80.  This place has if for $20.  Is it too good to be true?

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I've picked up several ebay items through them.  Mostly plastics ... e.g.; signal lenses, headlight door ... etc.  Fitment is "ok", but it's a fraction of the price of other sellers and the source is the same. China.


If you have more time than money, you could buy a couple of them and change it out when it craps out. You'd still have saved $35 or $40.  I have no idea what's invloved in changing the lever.

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It will involve pulling the steering wheel. I know that.


I read on Jeepforum where other have purchased from them.  Most did not say anything bad.  (One complained that they would not give a refund after a part that broke.  It was a part of the axels that broke.  They said that they could not verify the installation was done properly.)


I will give them a try.



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Follow up/Conclusion


The part came via UPS on Monday 12/23.  I just installed it today.  It seems to be working.  The quality looks just like the old one


I had to pull the steering wheel and loosen the column bolt to run the wire down column.  Everything is back together.


(Now I will see if that fixes my cruise controll)

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