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87 Mj Steering Column

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Hey guys i just bought my 2nd MJ on thursday. it was in pretty rough shape. but I'm planning on getting it back to the beauty she should me.

i just got a few questions 

it needs a new steering column and doors and driver fender. i was wondering if i can get it all donated from an XJ around the same year. from what i can find i don't see why not and if any of you have done it before that would be great to hear some advice on the steering column.



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I've never swapped a column myself, but I have recently somewhat disassembled one. All the parts you mention are the same on the XJ and MJ.


Also remember you want the doors off a 4-door XJ.


Edit:: Ignore anything I may have said before about removing the column. Guess you don't need to disassemble it before removal.

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When looking for a donor XJ for your 87, make sure the column is a 87-89, as 1990 has a little bit setup on the behind-the-dash parts on the top of the column which can cause confusion during installation.


Should you look for a tilt column, make sure it does not wobble up/down or side/side. if it does in even the slightest, move on to the next vehicle in the salvage yard.


To remove a column, first disconnect battery, then remove the steering shaft bolt from gearbox, remove the bolts where column goes through firewall, remove the 2 nuts under the dash, undo electrical and cruise connectors, and then remove column from vehicle. Assembly is reverse of removal. Have a 2nd person on hand to reconnect the steering shaft while the other maneuvers the column.


Changing a column is easy and a first-timer can get it done in under 2 hours.


Good luck.

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