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'88 Pioneer Grandpa Jeep

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 I bought my 2nd MJ from a guy who inherited it from his grandpa when his grandpa passed away. His grandpa was the original owner and the truck had 77k original miles. Aside from a hack exhaust job the truck was all factory and in pretty good shape. It's a 4.0l, AW4, 2wd with air conditioning. Here are the pics from the day I went to look at it.






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 So far i've done a homebrew garage exhaust to fix the leaky hack job that was on it.

BTW, that's chjeeper, who I believe is also a member on here, doing the welding at his awesome barn/shop.


 I've changed the oil and filters and have been driving it around town hauling stuff and using it like a truck.

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 Yesterday, my wife wanted to stop by a craft shop on the way home from lunch and I found some headliner material. After pulling the nasty headliner board out I thought I had wasted my money. But it turned out pretty well.



I did manage to break one of the sun visor clips but other than that I think it is a success.

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Headliner looks great....... Bucky started as 2WD also I see great (taller) things in your future.


Yeah, the 4 cylinder guys will probably hate me for this but I am going to strip the '86 of the suspension, axles, and winch and put them on the '88. I already have a good NP231, I just need a 4wd AW4 to convert the '88. The '86 will go back to stock.

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 I've been working on MJs all day. I feel like i've had my @$$ kicked. But i'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Specs so far


Long add a leaf from XJ

Extended shackle about 1.5 inches longer than stock

Rough Country extended brake lines

E-brake cables from the cheap 5.5 lift thread

Used Rancho 5000s from parts MJ



4 inch lift springs used from parts MJ

Teraflex adjustable control arms used

Teraflex adjustable trac bar

Rancho 5000s used from parts MJ

ZJ V8 sway bar

Rough Country sway bar disconnects

Rough Country brake lines



31 inch Maxxis Mudders

Black rock crawler style steel wheels



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Still need to adjust the tracbar and bleed the brakes. Plus double check and make sure I didn't forget anything.


Also I did manage to drop my 14mm impact socket inside the unibody frame rail. Which happens to be a very common size on the MJ and was sorely missed afterwards. Hopefully I can get it back out some day.

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 Got it finished up and took it for a test drive today. I'm pretty happy with the results. It rides great. Much better than the worn out stock suspension. It feels more like a Jeep now that it sits up higher. Still need to adjust the e-brake, do Hornbrod's adjustable linkage for the valve, and I may need to bleed the brakes one more time.


 Starting height from ground to bottom of fender flare. 29 front 32.5 rear.


 After height. 34.25 front 35.5 rear.

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 Got a little more work done the last two weekends. Replaced the valve cover gasket and cleaned up the valve cover and rocker arm area. Also replaced my vacuum harness and did some work on the engine bay grounding.


It's hard to tell form the pic, but I replaced the factory negative battery cable with 2 gauge welding cable and crimp on ends. I cleaned the surfaces really well and also ran another 2 gauge from the dipstick post to the engine ground post on the firewall. I cleaned the firewall ground really well also. Hopefully that will help with the lacking factory grounding system.

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 Small update. Got my high idle problem fixed. Installed a new TPS and adjusted it. It's running great now.


Also picked up some parts. A pair of 32 11.50 BF Goodrich all terrains and an 8.8 rear with 4:56 gears swapped in.


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