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Rpm Drop While Accelerating

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I have a 1989 comanche with a 94 cherokee 4.0. The intake and throttle body are off a late model 4.0. When I'm speeding up normaly between 35 and 45 the rpms cut out and the truck spudders sometimes stalling out. Also when I stop at a light or stop sign it idles low and sometimes stalls. So far all i've tried tried was changing the fuel filter. I've got no clue what it could be. I'm hoping it's something cheap.


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Well your RPM isn't really going to spudder around like that, chances are is that it's misfiring.  The tach gets its signal from the coil, so if it's firing erradically, it's going to be all over the place.


Do a regular tune up(cap/rotor, plugs, wires), and check the condition of the main grounding strap from the head to the firewall.  Also very likely your CPS is on its way out.


I bet cruiser will pop in with his ground refreshing tips, I recommend you follow those as well.

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