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Adding Cruise Control

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The control for CC is on the stalk...if you have a column with a cruise stalk, you're good. If not it's probably easier to swap the whole thing.


You need:

The switch & wiring

The servo

The cable to the throttle body (and the bracket that holds it)

The throttle body that the cable hooks to (my 88 Pioneer did not have the same exact throttle body as my 90 XJ Laredo)

The two sided football shaped vacuum reservoir as opposed to the round ball.


...and an understanding of how it all works.

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As I understand it, the speed sensor is behind the speedo. The cable from the tranny/tc screws into the speed sensor and then a short cable from the speed sensor to the speedo. If your truck came with a cruise and you wanted to eliminate the speed sensor for some reason, would the cable from the tranny/tc be too short to screw onto the speedo? If your truck didn't come with cruise and you were adding it, would your existing cable be too long or could you just unscrew it from the speedo and screw it into the speed sensor? In other words, are there 2 different speedo cables (besides the short one between the speedo and the speed sensor)?

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