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What Is This Guy Worth?

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Pretty sure this was listed a couple weeks ago for a lower price. I think someone clued the seller into the fact he had a Metric Ton package on it. I noticed it when I was looking at the pictures and saw the badge on the tailgate. I was mildly interested just because of that, but the truck isn't much more than a work truck. I'd pay 1000-1200 tops for it.

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I would like to buy one like that for 1K, but I think it is worth the 2k.

I paid 1200 for my short 4wd, but have to do quite a bit of work to it, and that isn't even considering the body work it needs.


4wd, auto, decent shape? Plus metric ton, so it has a 44? Already has small lift? Got to be worth 2k.

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The reality is, all Comanches are rare and becoming more so. It's worth what you and the next guy will pay. If you're interested in it, and it's as advertised ... Wear a smile, tell the seller you've got to start somewhere, and throw out $1600 or 1800. Be ready to buy and let the negotiation begin.


Keep in mind, there will almost always be another truck. It will be in better shape than the one you bought and cheaper. :doh:

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