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Vacuum Hose On Back Side Of Valve Cover

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Just wondering, obviously I don't know the proper name for the vacuum line on the back side o the valve cover, but my question that needs to be hooked up correct. The guy at the garage was fixing a totally different problem and lobbed off that line stating it isn't needed, now I just have an open hose there, he is mistaken correct? It is the open system no pressurized tank for coolant

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Well what's most important is that it is connected to a filter so crap doesn't get drawn into your valves. I'm assuming your talking about the hose that's about 1/2" in diameter that connected back to your air intake.


You should just go get some 1/2" or 5/8" vacuum hose, or radiator hose pending whats available, and reconnect it. If you don't want to connect it you need to cap the one at the intake because it's after the air filter. and then get one of those little k&n style filters and attach it at the valve cover.


I personally think it should be connected but have seen a few with the filter, I'm unsure as to any running issues using the filter at the valve cover.

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CCV to intake MANIFOLD


The part is sold at NAPA.

Has a 26mm metered orofice. Just jamming a hose in there is wrong. It's not just a breather valve. If you have the part that goes IN the VC you might be able to repair the hose, but don't count on it. Find a new mechanic...this guy is not a Jeep mechanic.

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Thanks boss man, was the mechanic confused or does the breather valve sometimes located in the rear


Your mechanic is an idiot. That hose is ESSENTIAL. That's the vacuum for the crankcase ventilation system. It MUST be connected to a vacuum port on the throttle body or intake manifold.


What the [bleep] kind of "mechanic" just goes around lopping off hoses the factory put there "because you don't need it"? Why does he think the factory put it there, because they had nothing better to do with eighteen inches of small diameter tubing?

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Renix Vacuum Harnesses

The vacuum harness that attaches to the front of the valve cover and includes the grommet/fitting, and is called the front harness, is Napa part number BK 715-1367




The vacuum harness that is closest to the air cleaner, EGR etc, and is called the rear harness, is Napa part number BK-715-1366.



The tube from the rear of the valve cover to the intake manifold is part number 715-1365.



Revised 09-11-2012

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Cruiser54   since you're handing out part numbers how about a part number for the hose that goes into the throttle body to the MAP.   I've not been able to locate one yet.    

Dealer only. Don't have the number. Napa doesn't have it or I woulda included it in the first post.


I did something totally different on my 4.0s anyway. Never liked that funky fitting at the TB.


Moved my IATs to the air box. Tapped and plugged the hole in the TB. Threaded a vacuum nipple into the open IAT hole in the intake manifold. Took some plastic pipe left over from changing vacuum harnesses and bent it after heating it with a hair drier so it was routed properly.


That said, and being a complicated solution, you can get the plastic line out of the funky fitting. It's only glued in and the glue isn't wirth a hoot now anyway.


Remember this though. No matter what you do, make sure that vacuum line, and hard plastic is preferred, cascades down to the vacuum source with no low spots.

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