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Flat land mj won't climb mountain hills help please

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I live on the coast in FL, I'm in TN at about 2000 elevation In Coker Creek, my MJ has no power going uphill, like 15-25 mph with the pedel to the metal. I have a 400 mile trip home at the end of the week and really need some help. I am in SE TN near Telico Plains, What is wrong with my truck? I pulled a trailer from FL here with no problems It started the next day. I'm on a borrowed computer and will check back asap any suggestions I am no mechanic thanks, Bill

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Ex FL boy here and I'm just down the road from ya now, other side of Knoxville.



I have no idea what your problem his however it ain't the elevation so you can rule that out. I've had mine all over the SE and elevation has play no role in the way it runs. 40ft or 4000ft makes no difference.

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Bit late, but run a can of injector cleaner through. Loosen up the joint between the cat and front pipe, put nuts between the 2 pipes for a spacer to see if the power comes back. Pull to the shoulder, shut it off, wait 15 minutes then try again. Renix resets everything on each restart, so it will adjust for altitude. (found that out going to Ouray)

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