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Glove box lock

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My glove box wouldn't open ('87 Comanche) after I locked it so after dissasembling the front the lock is trashed. :fs1: Is there somewhere you can buy a new one? I have a black one so I will need another black one to replace it with a working key.

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I think the part numbers you need are 83500485 (Lock Cylinder and key) and 55007800 (glove box latch in Black) Someone pls correct me if those are not the right parts. If they are, both are "still available" thru Mopar now. Good Luck

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Not sure if this will help ya but thought id post it.


http://www.teamgrandwagoneer.com/parts/ ... /2877.html


Glove Box Lock Cylinder OEM Cherokee 1984-1990

This is an NOS Uncoded Glove Box Lock Cylinder for your 1984-1990 Cherokee XJ. These are available in very limited quantities and are being sold as is seen in the picture. These are very hard items to find, so act quickly before supplies run out.


Featured Price: $33.95

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