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1987 Radio Wiring

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I looked in the search... I found 1988-1990.. not 1987. I was just wondering if anyone had any info? I got a cassette radio from a 1995-1996 (maybe, had a airbag) cherokee and it had the plug most do but mine in my truck does not, just a bunch of wires...


Any help will be appreciated.

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Don't know if this will help, but this is what I figured out from when I was attempting to install a 94 XJ into my 87 (ended up going aftermarket because the tape deck was shot.)


1994 XJ Radio Wiring ------------ 1987 MJ Radio Wiring

Constant 12V - Pink ||| Constant 12V - Red/Gray


Switched 12V -Purple/White ||| Switched 12V - Purple/Orange


Ground - Black ||| Ground - Black


*Illumination - Light Blue/Red ||| Illumination - Blue?


*Dimmer - Orange ||| Dimmer - Orange/Black?


*Antenna Trigger - Purple/Orange ||| Antenna Trigger - N/A?


--Front Speakers--

Left Front (+) - Dark Green ||| Left Front (+) - Green

Left Front (-) - Brown/Red ||| Left Front (-) - Black/White

Right Front (+) - Purple ||| Right Front (+) - White

Right Front (-) - Dark Blue/Red ||| Right Front (-) - Black


--Rear Speakers-- (Not Important Since I don't have any) -----

Left Rear (+) - Brown/Yellow

Left Rear (-) - Brown/Light Blue

Right Rear (+) - Dark Blue/White

Right Rear (-) - Dark Blue/Orange



* --> Not sure if these are correctly connected (as I couldn't see any illumination in the unit when I was working on it.)


Hope this helps man.

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I got them plugged together but no sound out of the speakers. I turn the power on to the radio and I hear a click then I go to fm and go to a station and silence. I did try to solder the whole headphone aux cord thing. Would that have done anything maybe make the radio come on but no sound?


Maybe have burnt something?



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