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egr valve


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If you're planing to put that plug in the intake manifold it will be fine. If in the exhaust you might want to check it a few times as some of the drain plugs are of very porous metal and i'm pretty sure it's going to swell shrink a few times. One i bought at napa was hollowed out and had a seam like it was cast at 1200 degrees something designed for only 200 degree location may not hold up to well.

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If you are putting a plug on the exhaust manifold, make sure its on tight and not going anywhere!


I had after market headers on my 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a plug for the Oxygen Sensor hole,

I was "haulin @$$" on the on ramp on hwy 321 and a loud bang with a horrible engine noise after.

The exhaust pressure shot the plug off the pipe and made a dent in my hood. I had to have the hole welded over because the threads where stripped.

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