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SOA shock length

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I'm planning on doing my lift at the end of the month. Just trying to get my ducks in a row before i start. I was able to find a set of RE's for the front but was looking for some info for the rear. Part # for some bilstein's would be awesome.


Thanks in advance


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I'm trying to figure out the same thing, Tom. It depends on where you have your lower shock mounts. I have mine welded on the axle tube right on the centerline. My static eye-to-eye distance is 19 inches.


I guess you're supposed to have more downtravel than uptravel. Bilstein has a 10-inch travel 5100 shock that has a compressed length of about 15 inches and an extended length of about 25 inches.


I'm thinking that this would work in my case. I just have to borrow a friend's forklift to confirm that I have the proper bump stopping.

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fwiw when i relocated mine to the tube (slightly lower than center, front), - that turned-out to be the exact same distance as the original distance, so i just used my stock shocks. this is my first experience with this but i don't see anything wrong with this method, plus it will make ordering new ones very easy.

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