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Water/gasoline fuel filter-separator

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Drove the Comanche to work today.


Apart from the lack of power, sputtering, evil noises and bit of blue smoke coming from under the hood, I was scared I'd break down.


At work I decided to drain the contents of fuel filter into a glass pickle jar. The mixture was about an inch deep in the jar. About half was water and half was fuel, a dirty light brown.


My Comanche has about 518,000 kms, I'm guessing the fuel tank full of bad stuff.


My question is if I put in a water/gasoline fuel filter-separator will it have adverse affects on fuel pump and or related stuff.


Thanks in advanks.


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A fuel filter will help only until it gets clogged. Bite the bullet, remove the tank and clean it properly. I have taken a suction pump and drained the tank getting most of the gunk but I had access to the tank where I could look into it and see how clean it was.

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I got a diesel water separator and put it on my Spirit. Gas tank kept sucking water in around the filler neck


When I recently replaced my tank, I found the roll over valves were loose in the grommet. This could be a source of water. My tank had water,sand, and RUST. :fs2:

Local Jeep/Dodge dealers said "$15 each, not in stock, and must prepay". Found them on Ebay for $8.40, plus shipping in AZ.

Called Orlando Dodge, in stock, and $11.20. Worth the drive for me to have them asap.


I think the separator will help, you will need to stay on top of it, as it fills, but if you have lots of water the tank probably has to come out anyways.

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