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Free ads and promotional help wanted

Jeep Driver

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txjeeptx your ad is here- http://jeepseekers.com/index.html go to buy/sell page and view.


I'm looking for content so please if you have a Jeep for sale send me pics and description with DIRECT contact and I will produce it for you FREE.


There is no other make specific auto ad site that I know......until now.


I got tired of the idiots at CL.......won't pay the $100 for autotrader.com...........nor the $150 at sleezebay.


The site just went live yesterday and it's ground-up so it will evolve over time. Eventually I will categorize by state...ie...click on GA and see ads for Georgia etc.


I need 4-6 or more quality pic......no phone pics.......and concise description, phone # or email.


No spam, no sharing, NO BS!!! Just bringing serious people together.

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Looks like a good idea. Thanks for the increase in exposure for my truck's sale. Here's to hoping your site takes off. Just for Jeeps, right?


I'm sick enough of C-list spammers and scammers, and sick of those who post non-descriptive ads with no contact info or pictures, or don't proofread their ad before posting.


Also, I got three prank phone calls fifteen minutes after my ad went up on the List. Funny pranksters, though - they swore that I had placed an order for something stupid like six dozen donuts, and that my order was ready. After denying placing any donut order, I asked them to provide a name for the order, and they just giggled, not knowing what to say. I could hear laughter in the background, and it was around lunchtime for most high schools. Back when I was in high school, we didn't have cell phones(well, some kids did, but they were bricks you couldn't sneak around with) - and I didn't waste my lunch break makin prank calls - I had a girlfriend.

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I love the idea. The biggest thing I noticed I would change is the color of the description in the beginnning of the videos, the dark grey on black is kinda hard to read (i do have 20/20 vision but am on an old school style moniter).... Otherwise The idea is great and I do hope it takes off! :cheers:

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