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2.5 fuel-injection to 350fuel-injection

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2.5 fuel-injection to 350fuel-injection.

Since my 2.5 is FI when i switch to 350. I wonder how hard it would be to keep the FI. I got a 91 burb that is throttle body.

what is ya opinion on that topic. I know the 4cy fuel pump might not carry enough fuel. And i know i would need the computer from the burb . I got my 78fsj narrow track passger side drop Axel. My motor will be a 91 burb motor. Tranny And Tcase from the 91 burb. Thanks

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I've been doin a lot of research on this because I will be doing the swap this summer. The best thing I've found is to run a carb. I've talked to a few people that said making a stand-a-lone setup wouldn't be to hard, but I really don't know anything about wiring or fuel injection.

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I don't recall the website off hand, but a while back I found a ton of information on an International forum that centered around using GM components to add fuel injection to their V8 Scouts. I went a similar route that I needed to build a stand alone fuel injection harness for my friends '90 YJ using GM 4.3 parts. As far as I know, the wiring is almost identical between and 4.3 and the 350s for TBI. Very easy to pick apart a harness down to what you need. I'll do some digging tonight to see if I still have the links.


Edit: This Link hads a ton of information for adapting the wiring and parts to an IH motor. Again, I used much of it just for the wiring diagrams.

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