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Paint Colors

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Will be doing a new paint job soon and want to keep it the original colors. All I know is its silver with I'm guessing charcoal rockers and flares. Everything is pretty sun faded and the stickers are either gone or faded. Does anybody have any info on how I can find what exactly the original colors were so I know what to buy?

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find out from a dealer with your VIN

the only place i can think of for the paint code on our trucks would be the glovebox :dunno: but i know my sticker is missing too. you could always try matching it. if you do that, make sure you choose a spot thats been covered for the majority of its life so its closest to the factory color (not faded or weathered) but make sure to clean the area and allow natural light when choosing colors. theres also a gun-like device that scans the paint just by putting it against the vehicle and with the press of a button, it gives you the mixture for that exact color. i bet if you went to a automotive paint supply store, theyd have one

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