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Tapping/Rattling Noise on transmission please help.

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Hi Guys,


Finally I have some vacation due to this holidays and I was planning to lift mi MJ 2 inches but 1 day before X-mas I got an unwanted gift! =( it seems something wrong with my transmission, i was driving on the boulevard when all of a suddent I started to hear a tapping/rattling noise, on third gear, so I pulled over just to have a quick look and everything seemed OK on the bottom of my MJ so I decided to head back home to check on it and then the noise started to get louder, then all of the gears started to sound 1,2,3,4 gear even in neutral, but when i pushed the clutch pedal the noise stopped, as son as i release the clutch pedal the noise comes back again, I thougth maybe there was something wrong with my clutch so I took the tranny down today and also the clutch but everything seemed OK, the only thing I noticed was the internal Slave cylinder on my transmision was loose.


I put a new clutch about 1 year ago, I did it my self, and everything was working fine until 3 months ago my slave cylinder got damanged and due to its my daily driver and I didnt have time to change it due to work, I had to take it to a local repair shop to have it replaced, (they charged me 100 bucks for the change plus 90 bucks for the new slave cylinder $190.00 total).


Today when I took the transmision out I didnt notice anything wrong on it or on the clutch, the only thing that cought my eye was that the slave cylinder was loosen, after checking on the internet it seems it needs a retainer nut in order to stay in place but It didnt have it, do you think this could be the couse of the noise? would any of you have a picture of the retainer nut for my reference? is there anything else that can be done in order to keep the slave cylinder in place?


I also noticed the crankshaft bushing was very dry and I will replace it tomorrow but I don't think that would make a tapping noise like that.


My MJ is a 4 cyl (2.5L), 4 speed manual transmision.


Please give me your comments and as always thank you for your help.


Thanks :wrench:

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I'm having the exact same problem, so any input here would be useful to me as well. I haven't been able to drop the transmission yet(It takes a hell of a lot of removing stuff, such as the entire y link) but I'm getting a kind of grinding noise like a couple of screws in a blender, and when I push the clutch it goes away.

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Thanks for the info. :wrench:


My MJ is 2wd so tcase to 4x4 is one thing less to check, but how can I check if the Input bearing/gear on the transmission is working fine? my trans is still down.


I checked the release/throw bearing and its workng OK i am using this type of slave cylinder.

http://jeep.zerok.ru/images/c-liter/clu ... 7899dd.jpg


What I am missing is the retainer nut, when I pulled outr the tranny it wasnt there, the slave cylinder was loosen, what can I use as a retainer nut? any tips to keep the internal slave cylinder in place?


Thanks for the feed back. :thumbsup:

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Turn the trans as fast as you can by hand (if your old clutch disc is around, it can be used as a spinner) If the noise goes away when you push the clutch just a little bit or gets far worse, it's usually a throw out bearing. If the front bearing allows too much movement of the input shaft, the teeth ride up under load (because the input shaft and counter shaft push each other apart) and strip the tips off.

Running low on oil or not changing it when it breaks down also causes self destruction.

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The only thing pending was to open the tranny, but I didnt want to go that far so after checking the pilot bearing and cleaning everything on my clutch i put the tranny back on just to find out that the noise was still there :( my fear came thru, it was the tranny so just to confirm i called a buddy of my that is very experienced in jeeps for him to hear the noise and he confirmed also that the tranny was broken and he said he could fix it after i take it back out.


I want to thank you all for your help on this, hopefully this new year will be better for my MJ!!



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