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Fuel Gauge issues..

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My fuel gauge is reading backwards, when we left the house the gauge read full, we went to the gas station and filled it up, took 17 gallons so we know it definitely was not full lol, anyways.. we leave the gas station and the gauge reads empty, and my light is on...


Now before we took it for a test drive yesterday the fuel gauge read correctly, could we have knocked a wire loose or something??



'90 MJ w/ HO swap

Stock MJ tank and fuel pump

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Full gauge cluster from the XJ ('93)


It kinda happened outta no where.. before it was reading what seemed to be correctly, but then we took it down the street yesterday, and now when we went out today it read full lol.

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There's a work-around for the Renix senders used on HO conversions but you have to pull it out and do some soldering. Still will not read quite correctly because of the pot winding difference, but it will perate in the right direction. best way though is to install a regulation HO sensor as Bo suggested.



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