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loosing fire or gas or something

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when i bought this mj 86 2.5 auto 2wd it would bog down bad at 70 and drink gas bad i replace the fuel filter. gas mileage got 85 % better. I notice today it still loosing fuel or fire one going down the rd at 70 mph but it only does it for just a few 3-5 seconds at a time then it picks back up every time what do ya think it is i have put on new plugs, cap, wires, rotor button, coil thanks

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What RPM are you running at?

How does it run at lower speeds in same rpm range?

Cruising or accelerating?


Does it only happen at 70 or is it 70+ ?


Does the gauge drop when this happens and that's why you think your loosing gas?

You've check fuel lines all way back to tank for cracks?


Maybe your fuel pump wiring is shorting out or rubbing at a certain vibration.

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What happens causing you to think you're loosing gas and not just burning it?


I'm not a 2.5 guy but on my 4.0 I had a hesitation and ran injector cleaner and cleaned tb. it resolved it.. But i did check to make sure my fuel pressure was accurate. Could also be an O2 sensor if your truck transitions into cruise or closed fuel mapping.

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