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rear view mirror fell off... again

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last month my rear view mirror fell off and a week later i put it back on only for it to fall off again... over the past year or so it has fallen off 6 or 7 times, and now it is becoming tiresome. I have used several kits and sticky strips for the mirror mount and have tried super glue as well.. this weekend i might use J B quick weld and see how long that lasts...


is there some trick to mounting the mirror mount?



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Its all about preparing the surface and the curing time of the adhesive. Make sure all old adhesive and residue has been completely removed from the glass [razor blade], and then go over it with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or other chemicals. Do the same if possible to the mirror puck where it mounts to the glass. Also make sure temperatures aren't too extreme and allow plenty of time for the adhesive to cure before any drastic movement or adjustment of the mirror.


I've never had to put a mirror on more than once after it has fallen or been pulled off. A local windshield repair place may have a suggestion for a strong adhesive or other techniques to use as well.

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