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Comanche Ax-15/231J driveshaft, flywheel Midland, MI **SOLD


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Jeep Cherokee or Comanche Ax-15 5 speed manual transmission, 231 transfer case, front driveshaft, clutch, pressure plate, starter, and flywheel from a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. I don't know exactly how many miles that are on the set but I was told it shifted great and everything worked before removing from truck. (Internal slave type)


$400 for a complete setup to change your automatic over to a 5 speed stick!! Located in Midland, MI





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No interest? Price too high for a complete ax-15 setup? I thought people far and wide wanted this tranny. Who knew?


No I think thats a pretty fair price for a setup that complete.


You're just too far and i don't want the whole setup, just the AX-15

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