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wiper motor replacement

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I've tried searching this forum for replacing the windshield wiper motor and can't find anything. I know I've seen a write up with pics in the past couple of years, but i can't find it. Can anyone steer me in the right direction please? The wipers on my 86 Comanche work fine, then in a driving rain (of corse) STOP, then after a bit start again. It's awesome trying to see thrugh the rain.

Thanks guys!



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don't think the motor has anything to do with the delay. The delay is controlled by the box under the bash. Sorry no pics.

Many times when a persons delay/wipers quit working the wipers can be made to work by taking the control box out of the system. You can unplug, remove, put both plugs back together and the wipers will work although with no delay. suggest replacing the delay box/unit.

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