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Injector O-rings, Nozzle Clip, Rail O-rings

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Okay I've read forums clear back to 2008 where BLHTAZ listed precisionautoinjectors as a re seller of reman injectors from a ford. Every one has spoke positively about them and they seem like a great investment. I will be ordering a set to replace mine soon. But here comes the question:


I recently had my intake manifold off and pulled all the injectors...

I did not disconnect the injectors from the fuel rail so I did not replace those o-rings.


I did replace the orings on the motor side with some from napa that came in a box with eight in them, but my question is a few of the boxes with the orings came with a plastic hat to go on the injector nozzle... I did not use these as there were none on mine already. I feared that this plastic "hat" would fall off into the motor as there really is not seat in the intake manifold, just a bored hole.


Are we supposed to use these "hats"?



in the photo from precisioninjectors for our 87-90 jeeps he shows a hat that has an even longer snout.... I plan to remove them in fear they'd fall of inside my motor as it does not appear there is anything to hold it on???


Thank you in advance.


Photo from precision refering to the white thing on the nozzle ends.. the ones from nappa would be like a beanie.

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The ones you receive from precision will probably have blue tips and look more like a beanie, that's a stock photo. I asked this same question to precision (and on this board) and was told to leave them on. The rebuilt injectors come with new o-rings.


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they are called pintle caps.used to you could buy replacement ones(maybe you still can)if they became hard and brittle and cracked or crumbled when removed.they do need to be on there.
from http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=31399




What purpose do they serve? When they come loose and fall into the engine then what? I asked my mechanic friend and he seems to think that the ford injector ports have a seat that that the pintle presses against. Where the Jeep does not.


I'm thinking I'd rather pull them off and better be safe then sorry unless they serve a purpose.

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When I visited the precisioninjectors folks, it was explained to me that

these caps need to remain installed, they're part of what makes the

spray pattern. I don't think that's a big deal as long as the fuel mist

is fine enough so it mixes well with the air in the manifold. If you look into

the manifold bore where the injector seats you will notice a lip that this cap

bears against. It's not going to pass this lip if it came loose, and it's very unlikely

to come loose. My puzzlement was that the original injectors, the ones that

chrysler put in when they built my truck, had no such cap.

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Well Ive decided that when I pull my old ones I will take photos of the ports and post them. when I had the entire manifold off And cleaned everything I do not remember there being a seat. Also when watching their videos The pintle caps are not on the injectors in their test phases and the spray patterns are still fans. I figure Not there on originals 1 of two things they either didn't come with them, or they cracked off and burned up.


the only way i'm going to leave them on is if i see a seat for them to contact as i'm 90% sure pintle caps were out in 89 and if the cap improved the spray pattern in any way I wouldn't imagine they would have not used $0.02 worth of plastic.


After all I do not thing the beanie style pintle that is included on the injectors in anyway would improve the spray pattern. The hole in the center is too big compared to the micro holes the fuel come out of. From what I read they are only designed to prevent build up on to the tip of the injector that may cause issues. And with my luck they'd fall through on the first start and stick a valve open.

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