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Did everyone enjoy National Metal Day?


I did, listened to classic Motörhead, Metallica, Blitzkreig, Venom and Saxon.


How about you?

Looked at some pics of day on the green 1980 and 1981 ah the memories.


1980Day On The Green #1: Sammy Hagar, Blue Öyster Cult, REO Speedwagon, Triumph, Randy Hansen (July 4, 1980).

This concert was also called "Cruisin' On The Green" in advertisements. Originally The Babys were scheduled to appear, with Triumph and Randy Hansen replacing them.


Day On The Green #2: Journey, Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, Molly Hatchet, Shakin' Street (July 27, 1980)

Originally Angel City was scheduled to open the show, but was replaced by Shakin' Street.


Day On The Green #4: Foghat, Foreigner, The Cars, Gamma, Bram Tchaikovsky (September 15, 1979). This show was also called "Stars Of the 80s" and "Rock 'N' Roll Party" in advertisements. "This show was cancelled"


[edit] 1981Day On The Green #1: Heart, Blue Öyster Cult, Pat Travers, Loverboy, Ozzy Osbourne, 415 (July 4, 1981).

Day On The Green #2: REO Speedwagon, Kansas, UFO, 38 Special, Gamma (August 2, 1981).

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