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renix sputters while driving

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I hope it's ok to ask for cherokee help here, as I also have a comanche too. I have an 89 xj with 4.0 renix. It starts up fine and runs good under hard accel, but if I just cruise along with light throttle, it pops and bangs out the exhaust. It seems as if I have to be moving in drive for it to act up. It won't do it while power braking setting still. I have a new fuel filter and plugs and wires on it already, nothing changed. My 89 comanche runs great, I'm thinking about changing a bunch of parts between the 2,at least I won't be buying a lot of stuff I don't need. Thanks,Mark

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I never thought about the intake bolts, This morning I caught it in the act, it was missing under a power brake load,sure seams like an ignition miss. I think I'll put the cap and wires from my Comanche on and if that isnt enough, I'll keep on going!

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