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water in dipstick tube only?

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Ok. 1986 2.5l comanche. I checked my oil last night and found milky white on the top and half way down the dipstick, bottom of the dipstick seems normal. What would cause this? I drive it 60+ miles aday so its not like it sits of days


Sorry posting from wifes smarty phone

Kendal oil will cause that

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Can you take a picture? It sounds like you are saying the oil level check portion of the dipstick is normal while there is a spot of milky oil part way up the dipstick away from the level check. If this is the case, I would not rule out condensation. Drain your oil and report back to us with what is in the pan.

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wow was just little drunk when i posted that :cheers:


anyways its just milky on the top 6 inch or so of the dip stick, then its normal down to the oil fill level.

Drained oil and nothing in the oil, was normal other then reallllllly black.

ran 4 qts of atf for 15min and drained, black agian



full tune up on her and she runs like a top.

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