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engine swap questions

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hi everyone, i just got a complete drivetrain (4 cyl motor w/accessories, 5 speed trans w/clutch, 231 transfer, even the radiator) from a 95 wrangler (with 87k miles on it) for 350 plus 50 bucks for the importation fees (i live in mexico :fs1: )... so, the point is, I'm tryin to put it in my 89 sportruck (4 cyl, ax4, 2wd) i know i need to change intake, accessories bracket and some other stuff so here comes the questions...

1st to my knowledge the trans will fit my trans tunnel, right?

2nd i wanna mate the trans to a 242 transfer, it is doable, right?

3rd if the 2nd answer is yes, which year I'm looking for?

4th which year for the front differential and drive shaft you recommend?


trying to put 3 inch pucks in front and chevy shackles and some 31, it will be my DD/work truck (some highway most city drive and minimal off road :fs1: for lack of time)


5th which gears you recommend for the 4 banger and 31`s?


i know you can throw me some advice on what I'm tryin to do, so do it please :help:


sorry if i mistyped something :dunce:

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i am assuming you have the ax-5, as long as it has 23 spline count you can use any 242 TC from 89+.. also you will need a 242 shifter gate/ handle. will need the shifter linkage for the ax5 from a MJ or XJ.


for the speedometer just remove the electronic sender if you get a 91+ and use your original cable setup


the front axle can be any XJ or MJ D30 but look for 90+ axle without the CAD


the ax5 should fit in the trans tunnel however the IIRC the tc will be clocked differently than a MJ or XJ.


as far as gears go i can't really help just know that most 4 cyl. come with as least 4.10 sets

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thanks Blue88Comanche, yes i have an ax5, i will look for the 242, but i gonna need the shifter linkage pictures and measures to do it myself (if anyone can post it please) cause ax5/4x4 combo is very rare where i live...

and what is a CAD or how it looks like so i can find a good diferential?

IIRC a cherokee laredo (with towing package) should have 3.73 or so gears, right? those gears sould work good enough for me isnt it? cause there is a 89 laredo and i wanna take off the transfer (242), diferential (CAD?) and some interior parts (cluster, switches, etc), and if it will work with my setup maybe ill end up buyin the entire XJ

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your 4 cyl. is not strong enough to run anything less that 4.10 easily, you might could get away with usinig the other gears but you may push the engine too much.


the only issue i see is in mid 89 they started swapping over to 23 spline.. for example my old BA/10 was 21 and my new AX-15 is 23. I don't know for sure when the AW-4 was converted to 23 spline but because you AX-5 is a 94 I would make sure it has a 23 spline count. it won't hurt to count the splines on you AX-5 to make sure that is correct


CAD stands for Central Axle Disconnect, basically some of the early XJs and MJs had a 3 part front axle. how it works is there is a collar that slides over the central and passenger side shaft to connect it. you can still use that type of axle but you will need to lock the CAD over.. to do it just remove the CAD housing move the collar to the locked position and reinstall the CAD housing upside down. here is a link to another writeup


EDIT: as for the linkage here is another link to a writeup, however you still need the 242 shift gate


as for the cad my picture is not a good one as every thing blends in..


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all AX-4/AX-5s will have a 21 spline output. finding a 21 spline output 242 can be pretty difficult because they only came on 87-90ish XJs with select trac.


You'll want to swap the shifter handles and shift towers between your AX-4 and the Wrangler trans. My guess is that they will swap directly, but don't know for sure.

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sorry for late responding, i want a 242 tc because i love that option in my 90 xj laredo, i had a 231 in my 95 xj country and i didnt like it very much, so i will be searching for a 242 make my own shifter linkage, thanks for the links, now i have an idea :D

as for the motor i already install the 95 but i realize that my "original" engine wasnt that original, it was custom fit everything :mad: , but hey at least it will work (i hope :dunno: ) i think i need to do my project thread cause i think I'm progres in my mj jamminz.gif , can i post pics from facebook, right?

I'm leaving the ax4 due to the search of my transfer case and the custom rear drive shaft (i don't wanna cut it with the measures of the 231 an then realize it doesent fit with the 242)

about the gears, an automatic 4 cyl yj, tj, xj or mj will have 4.10 gears, right? i need the complete front diferential, but in the rear, if i don't wanna change the complete diferential, can i just swap everything from inside the diferential? :hmm:

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